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WidgetWorks is a student-run desktop and web publishing solutions provider located in Davis, California, with freelance and volunteer staff located throughout the Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose metropolitan areas.

Having established our roots as desktop publishing and design specicialists in the early 1990s, we began offering website development solutions in 1998 and took another step towards becoming a one-stop provider of desktop and web publishing solutions through the addition of e-mail and web hosting services in 2000.

The Possibilities are Endless
As a result of the increasing popularity of the Internet, more and more individuals are discovering what it means "to be online" with each passing day. And as the cost of going online steadily decreases, more people than ever before are now considering the prospects of establishing an online presence.

Whether you're an individual, small business owner, or an organization, we here at WidgetWorks would like to help you establish that online presence. WidgetWorks can provide you with the web development expertise and services you require to create, store, and maintain a successful website.

In addition to our web development solutions, WidgetWorks also specializes in desktop publishing for any business or personal projects that you might have. We have a decade's worth of desktop publishing expertise (and have even picked up a few awards along the way for our outstanding design and layout work.)

Consider WidgetWorks for your next project - whether it's a small personal website or a print advertisement for your business, WidgetWorks has what it takes to create quality results. Imagine the possibilities... and we'll do the rest.

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